Saturday, October 30, 2010

Trick or Treat!!!

Had a fabulous night trick or treating! Lots of pics!

It was a beautiful evening for it, and Emily did very well! We were able to walk for almost 2 hours (at a slow pace, of course), and I only had to carry Emily a little while toward the end. Braylon also walked this year and was so cute as he was really just learning what he is supposed to do. The first house, he didn't want to go to the door, but once he did and he got 2 miniature candy bars in his bucket, he grinned really big and turned around and ran towards our house. He was ready to eat it right away! When he realized he got candy at every house, he really got into it. I tried to teach him to say trick or treat and then thank you, but most of the time he would wait until he was walking away to say trick or treat. Emily, Ryan, and Braylon also had to stop to pet every single animal they saw along the way. Oh, and they also chased a poor squirrel up a tree. They really had a blast though!

And a huge thanks to the Winters for coming along and making Ryan's night!

Emily's quote of the evening, "Bray-man, I have a really good plan. When we get home, we're going to eat candy until we fall asleep." Braylon was in complete agreement, of course!

And now for the pictures:

This first one is of the 4 kids together in their costumes. Braylon is Woody, Ashton is Peyton Manning, Emily is a princess, Emily's doll Emma is a fairy, and in the back, Ryan is a very enthusiastic cowboy!

Love the expression on Ryan's face!

My sweet little Braylon Case

Ashton, Logan, and a friend as Colts players.

Braylon and Emily

Love this one of Braylon!

Braylon and Mommy

Braylon and Mommy without the glasses

Emily and Mommy

Ryan and Braylon

Braylon with Ryan's drink. Shhhhhh....Wow, this stuff is good!

Ashton and Emily resting on a bench.

Cousin Eli, his friend, and Denny...2 nerd costumes and one natural!

Happy Halloween!!!!

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