Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Called the doctor, and they have decided to put Symbicort down as one of Emily's "allergies" as she has tried it twice with the same response both times. Possibly not a true allergy, but she is definitely having some sort of a negative effect from it. So now we are back to trying to figure out if there is anything that can be done for the breathlessness (which seems to be getting worse the last month or so), other than what we are already doing. Next thing we are going to try is restart the Advair and also the Singulair that was stopped in the spring with Emily's liver issues. Honestly I don't see the Singulair helping much (never seemed to before), but hey, it's worth a shot. Only other thing I can think of that ever really helped at all was the Zithromax, but which also had to be stopped with the liver stuff. I don't expect Emily's breathing to ever be perfect, but I'd like to see her back to the point she was last winter and spring. If the Singulair doesn't help, I'll ask about Zithromax again, but I know they don't really want her on any macrolide antibiotics if they can help it. If there is any real risk to her liver, it isn't worth it. HRCT is next week, but insurance is being difficult so we are going to have to wait on the sleep study. :-(

As for Braylon, he was a very sick little boy last night when I got home from work. Weak, sleepy, wheezy, snap crackly popping rice crispies in his lungs, just pitiful. Took him to the doctor and it seems he has a bit of pneumonia. He is now on neb treatments and antibiotics and is already much perkier, although still quite wheezy. Poor little guy! Hate it when my babies are sick!

Other kids are doing well. We had parent-teacher conferences Monday, and Ashton came out with straight A's, and Ryan (who is still graded by number system) has all 4's and one 3 (which is basically all A's except one B). The 3 was because of participation points in Reading class, because Ryan is so quiet in class (seriously??), he rarely takes part in their discussions. Both boys have been behaving themselves in school, and their teachers describe them as "a doll" (Ashton) and "just perfect" (Ryan). Pretty amazing really! And we won't even get into test scores. AShton's math scores were so good, Denny and I are both speechless over that one! Proud of all my kiddos, but so proud of my boys for all their hard work. Now if someone could just bottle some of that good behavior for home!

I wish there was a way for me to stay home with the kiddos. They need consistency, and they need routine. They need me here for them when they are sick and to help them with their homework. There is just so much they do need from me really, and I hate that I have to entrust others with those things. And it really SUCKS that when I get home after putting in yet another 12 hour day with sick dying people who can't breathe, the kids are already in meltdown mode! When I'm home all day, they are on best behavior. It is when I've been working that they get out of hand. I'm tired of coming home to a house that's been trashed day after day. It's a losing battle! If there was some way I could work from home, I would! Or any other way in the world I could juggle their needs and still make money. We have to pay the rent, but I hate feeling like my kids aren't getting everything they deserve, and what they deserve most is a mom! I've got 4 great kids, and their life could be so much easier if I could only be here for them more! Yes, I'm always where there when it counts, but there are times when I have to leave them home when they are so sick, and I just have to pray they will still be there when I get home. Worst feeling ever! Okay, maybe it is just exhaustion talking (6 hours sleep in the last 62, and yes, I know my thoughts aren't flowing, and no, I'm not even sure anyone can follow them, and frankly I'm too tired to care right now), but there really has got to be a better way for families like mine!!!


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