Friday, October 29, 2010


Emily had her sleep study and chest HRCT last night/today. Sleep study was added on a little last minute, and it was a scramble to get the boys' homework finished, get packed, drop Braylon off with my mom, get Emily supper, and make it to Louisville by 7. I found out about the test at around 3 in the afternoon and was at work at the time (scheduled til 5:30). Home is 15 minutes in one direction, then 15 minutes in my mom's direction, then a good hour from there to Louisville, plus needed time to find the sleep center. Thankfully Bridget was able to get Emily showered and dressed before I got home, and my wonderful boss let me leave just before 4 or we never would have made it!

The test itself went okay I guess. I had some concerns with the way they did some things, but we won't get into those. Emily had concerns with all the wires (see pic above!!). I will say that I watched the little CO2 monitor, and the number I saw most of the time was 44.9. I also saw up to 46.9 (middle of the night) and down as low as 33.9 when she was laughing right before going to sleep. Her respiratory rate itself ran in the 30's most of the night and may have been a little higher on the O2 than off (they used mask oxygen and I don't think enough...again with the technique thing). Early this morning, she did have some rates in the teens off oxygen. Not sure what all these numbers mean or what they're going to say about them...Guess that's why we do the sleep study, so they can interpret this stuff!

The HRCT was done this morning under general anesthesia, which meant she had to be intubated. She did fine with it all until it was time for her to wake up and breathe on her own, and she couldn't seem to get her breathing in order. Even though in the end she did fine, it was still very scary for a mom to see. Pic below is when she was finally coming around a little.

She has a follow-up appointment on the 8th of November with her pulmonologist, so hopefully we'll get results then!

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