Saturday, October 16, 2010

It has been less than a week since Emily started the Symbicort again, and as I feared might happen, she is coughing almost non-stop AGAIN. She was only on it about a week last time, and that is what happened then. She is also wheezing pretty bad. But then again, her brother Braylon is also coughing, so they may have just picked up a bug, BUT on the Advair, even with colds and illnesses, her coughing at least has been under control. Not true on the Symbicort. I am going to try to continue it (if we can) until Monday when the doctor office opens, then see what they want to do. I'm hoping all this is just coincidence, maybe just a transition period, and that she'll start improving. She sounds pretty pitiful though. I hate it when the poor baby is sick!

Pictures below were taken at Ryan's football game last week. Emily and Ashton chose to entertain themselves by tossing a football back and forth while Braylon played with dump trucks.

And this is a cute picture of Emily at Ryan's football game.

This is a picture taken at Emily's "birthday dinner" at Ponderosa (only a week and a half late). We asked her if she could go anywhere in the world to eat, where she would like to go, and she chose Ponderosa to eat macaroni, meat, bread, and ice cream. She wasn't lying either. She ate really well!

And then these were taken back at the football field when Emily was getting tired. She was too tired by the time Ashton's game was over that we went on home.

And then last but not least, I realized I have a pic of everyone but Ryan, so I'm putting in this one of him. This is of serious Rhino helping Daddy with a project for school. What a handsome boy!

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