Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dad's Graduation, Ryan's race, and 2 Birthday Parties

Wow, it's been a busy weekend! How many things can you cram into a few days time? And this was actually with skipping Freestyle State Finals! Imagine how crazy we would have been if we'd tried to squeeze that in too!

Friday night was Denny's graduation. We were going to take all 4 kids, but in the end, we opted to leave Emily and Braylon with my Mom, and it was really a good thing we did. There is no way I could imagine sitting there for 5 hours with those two! Ashton and Ryan did get to see their dad graduate though, and we are all so proud!
Above is Ashton, Denny, and Ryan after Denny's graduation. Congrats Dad!
And then above is a picture of me with Ryan.

Then Saturday morning was the Molly Datillo Run downtown, and Ryan competed in the boys grades K-3 half mile. Always the competitive one, Ryan was a little disappointed (tears and all) by his 24th place finish, but he did great! So proud of my Rhino!

Then today was my Grandma's birthday party and also cousin Owen's birthay party. Happy Birthday Owen and Grandma!
This is newest cousin Connor at Owen's birthday party.
Emily playing at "Imagination Station" at Owen's birthday party.
Ryan all dressed up in his suit for Owen's birthday party. He said he wanted to look good, and I think he did!
Emily smiles for the camera.
Braylon and Owen play in cars.
All sorts of fun things to do!
Kids at Owen's party. Happy Birthday Owen!
Owen blows out the candles on his really cool cake.
And even Ashton got to play!

We made short appearances at each, then rushed home to finish up on laundry and housework. After our busy weekend, and busy few weeks actually (moving houses plus working overtime the last few weeks), it feels great to just sit down a while!

Emily has been doing well lately, except for a hoarse voice that has gone on for weeks. She has an appointment on the 23rd, so we are holding off til then. I am not sure if it is allergies (although she is taking Claritin) or maybe it is a side effect from her Advair. She has no sign of sickness, denies a sore throat, and looks great! I guess we'll see!

In other news, Emmers is working hard at her letters and numbers and will "graduate" from pre-school next week. She just brought me a piece of paper with a sentence written on it. "My cat is fat." She was soooooo excited to have written this all by herself. :-) Yup, I think my baby is ready for Kindergarten!