Saturday, April 24, 2010

Grizzly Iron Man

The boys wrestled at the Grizzly Iron Man Tournament today and did great! So far, Ryan won the Freestyle division and got second in Greco, while Ashton brought home the silver medal in each! Tomorrow is the Folkstyle portion of the tournament, so we will be up and at 'em early again tomorrow.

Emily did not wrestle today, but she came along and played with and cheered for her brothers and teammates. She must have peed 45 times today, and I am hoping that might mean that her weight will be down some...will check it in the morning.

Pics of the kids posted, in no particular order. The first is of Emily resting in a lawn chair between the boys' matches, then Braylon early this morning, Ryan with his medals (so far, hopefully there will be another one tomorrow), then the others are of Emily with teammate Skyler. Emily says Skyler is her "boyfriend," and he is a great kid to play along.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back to a Normal Routine

New pictures taken the past few weeks are above. Some were taken on the Heritage Trail in Madison, then the others were at the Boys Club with cousins Daisy and Lilly. Funny, Emily immediately thinks she is supposed to get into her wrestling stance to pose for any pic at the Boys Club. Silly girl!

All in all, Emily is doing fairly well right now. She returned to wrestling practice tonight but didn't last very long before she plopped down on the ground on her belly during the middle of a drill and refused to move. Usually this is a sign of de-satting and needing oxygen, and I fully expect that is what happened this time, but as Daddy had forgotten her oxygen bag and pulse ox, there is no way to tell for sure. At any rate, she came and sat on the bleachers with me and would not go back out there the rest of the night.

She did weigh in for next week's tournament at the Boys Club...weight still up a bit at 48 pounds. It will be interesting to see who they pair her up against next week for Championship Week.

And this is totally unlike her, but she is choosing not to wrestle at the Grizzly Iron Man this weekend in Franklin even though she knows there are trophies and other prizes up for grabs. Her reasoning is that she does not feel too good and thinks it might be better to just watch the boys this weekend, so long as she can still go to State next week. She came to this conclusion after clarifying that the Iron Man would have boys for her to wrestle, whereas State Finals would only have girls. I think she is still feeling skiddish about wrestling boys after being thrown last month.

When we got home tonight, she pretty much went straight to bed, choosing to skip dinner. Not like her at all! I'm hoping that maybe she is just tired and not coming down with something.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Good News!!!

The GI office called this morning, and Emily's alpha 1 antitrypsin test came out normal. Yay!!! Not that they really thought it was that anyway, but it is always a relief when a test like this comes out okay!

Then Emily had a follow-up with the pediatrician today. Her liver size has returned to normal, and it is no longer firm. Hooray for that as well! The pediatrician and GI doctors STRONGLY feel Emily's liver enlargement and edema issues were caused by medicine. Which medicine? We don't know...possibly the Erythromycin, possibly a combination of all the meds she has taken over the years for her lungs. Right now, I am pretty much afraid to give her any meds, just giving her Advair and have given her a couple doses of Prevacid this week, pretty much just when she was vomiting though. This whole mess has me terrified to give her anything!!!

She follows up with Dr. Young next week, so I am hoping to get clearer instructions on what is medicine is absolutely necessary for her and what isn't! One thing I can tell you, NO MORE ERYTHROMYCIN, never ever again!!!!

For now, we are just so thankful that she is doing better. :-)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Update on Appointment with Liver Specialist

Emily had her appointment in Cincinnati today with the liver specialist. The good news is that her liver is smaller than it was Friday, although it is still enlarged. Her weight is also down to 47 pounds. They think she is going in the right direction. They don't think this is caused by a disease, although they are doing tests just to be sure. The ultrasound and doppler were good, showing no blockages. They did a lot of labs just to make sure things are going to be alright, including alpha 1 antitrypsin....I don't know how long the labs will take, but they will call with results. They have a few ideas about what could be going on....a weird reaction Emily's body had to some virus or some medicine, or that she drank too much milk washing too much protein out of her intestines (Emily loves milk). At any rate, it has been a very frightening few weeks, and we are going to work hard to get her body back to normal. We are to limit her milk consumption (which is the exact oposite of what the nutritionist reccomended for her in October), and also we are holding all meds except Advair for now. No need to overwork the liver if it isn't absolutely necessary. And no sports of any kind for at least another week. And as for the question of could this have been caused by her sports and activity, the answer is no....they said she would be in SEVERE pain if that were the case, and she is not. This is just something weird that happened, and we hope it is something we can get under control and will never happen again. So all in all, a pretty good day!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Appointment Set for Tomorrow

Appointment with the liver specialist and GI has been set up for tomorrow morning at Cincinnati Children's. Emily will also have another ultrasound looking for anything Madison might have missed. Fingers crossed we will get some good answers!

I went ahead and called off the bronchoscopy, which was scheduled for Friday. I figure there is no way I am letting anyone sedate her until they can tell me more about what is going on.

Will update more when I know more.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Waiting for Monday

Emily remains bloated today, and she has a few new symptoms as well. She is complaining intermittently of abdominal pain, feeling like her "guts might pop" if she bends over, occasional complaints of chest pain, frequent little pale yellow poo's with blood, and now also wetting her pants every few hours when she hasn't done that for years! No severe distress though, so I'm still watching her at home, but we are very anxiously waiting for Monday, when we can get back in touch with the doctos. I don't know what we are going to do with her!!!

She was able to go watch the boys in their tournament today, and then this evening she rode in her little cart behind Denny's bike as we went bike riding. She also played a little in the park before dinner. I am just glad she is still happy and able to play considering everything.

I am attaching a few pics for effect below. The first was one month ago at the Folkstyle Wrestling State Finals, when she was barely 44 pounds. The second is today in the park, 49 pounds. What a huge difference! I really hope we can figure this out quickly so I can get my girl back to normal!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Emily's Having Issues

Well, I guess it was a few weeks ago that Emily's belly started looking distended. She gained a few pounds, jumped from 42 to 44 or 45 pounds. She then started having trouble with bowel movements, and her vomiting during the night came back. I thought she was surely having motility issues again, as Emily has a diagnosis of severe gastroparesis. We had discussed motility issues with a specialist a few months ago, and he gave us a list of options to step was to try Erythromycin to increase her motility (although the doctor really wanted to go ahead and fix her pyloris, but we want to avoid surgery if at all possible). So I talked to the pharmacist to see what he thought, I discussed it with my husband, and we decided we'd give it a go. Good news is that Emily started going to the bathroom easier, and she stopped puking....I hoped the problem was solved.

The only thing is that Emily continued to swell. Her belly got bigger, and in a few days time, she jumped to 51 pounds!!! Her belly was swollen, her arms and legs were swollen, and even her face was puffy. Something was up, so I have spent the week trying to track down the right doctor for the job....Today Emily had x-rays and labs. X-rays showed her liver is huge. Not knowing why, we went back to the doctor for ultrasound...which showed a normal liver (no masses, etc), just a really large liver.

So again, I heard the words I have grown too accustomed to hearing over the years where Emily is concerned. "I'm sorry, but this is nothing I've ever seen before. This is a mystery."

Solution: Emily will be seeing a liver specialist next week. In the meantime, I am to closely monitor her for signs of worsening of her condition. Change of respiratory status, increased dyspnea, a wet cough, vomiting, change of mental status or lethargy, and complaints of abdominal pain would all be signs that warrant a trip to the hospital. And in the meantime, Emily is forbidden to participate in her sports. She is not a happy camper!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Emily Gets a Win!

This is a very short video of Emily wrestling her friend from school, Sammie. Emily was so excited to win this match! But she still maintained very good sportsmanship, going over to Sammie and giving her a hug and telling her that she did a good job afterwards. Proud of my Emmers!

In other news, Emily has been doing fairly well, except for the usual breathlessness. Still on oxygen at night and during a lot of activity, and still has issues with her tummy. She actually started a new medicine for her GI motility, Erythromycin. Keeping my fingers crossed that it helps her!

She will have another bronchoscopy next week looking for any further signs of lung bleeding. In her last bronch, there were 15 to 20 percent hemosiderin macrophages, a finding that is not quite normal and indicates that her body has been cleaning blood out of her lungs...Source, we are assuming right now that it was "just" an airway injury, so keeping our fingers crossed there will be no sign of bleeding this go round! Bronch will be done next Friday morning in Louisville. Then the last Wednesday of this month, Emily will go back to Cincinnati to see Dr. Young. I know Emily is looking forward to her Dr. Young (Dr. Lung as Emily calls her)...she wants to show off her medal from State. :-)