Monday, April 19, 2010

Good News!!!

The GI office called this morning, and Emily's alpha 1 antitrypsin test came out normal. Yay!!! Not that they really thought it was that anyway, but it is always a relief when a test like this comes out okay!

Then Emily had a follow-up with the pediatrician today. Her liver size has returned to normal, and it is no longer firm. Hooray for that as well! The pediatrician and GI doctors STRONGLY feel Emily's liver enlargement and edema issues were caused by medicine. Which medicine? We don't know...possibly the Erythromycin, possibly a combination of all the meds she has taken over the years for her lungs. Right now, I am pretty much afraid to give her any meds, just giving her Advair and have given her a couple doses of Prevacid this week, pretty much just when she was vomiting though. This whole mess has me terrified to give her anything!!!

She follows up with Dr. Young next week, so I am hoping to get clearer instructions on what is medicine is absolutely necessary for her and what isn't! One thing I can tell you, NO MORE ERYTHROMYCIN, never ever again!!!!

For now, we are just so thankful that she is doing better. :-)

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