Monday, April 5, 2010

Emily Gets a Win!

This is a very short video of Emily wrestling her friend from school, Sammie. Emily was so excited to win this match! But she still maintained very good sportsmanship, going over to Sammie and giving her a hug and telling her that she did a good job afterwards. Proud of my Emmers!

In other news, Emily has been doing fairly well, except for the usual breathlessness. Still on oxygen at night and during a lot of activity, and still has issues with her tummy. She actually started a new medicine for her GI motility, Erythromycin. Keeping my fingers crossed that it helps her!

She will have another bronchoscopy next week looking for any further signs of lung bleeding. In her last bronch, there were 15 to 20 percent hemosiderin macrophages, a finding that is not quite normal and indicates that her body has been cleaning blood out of her lungs...Source, we are assuming right now that it was "just" an airway injury, so keeping our fingers crossed there will be no sign of bleeding this go round! Bronch will be done next Friday morning in Louisville. Then the last Wednesday of this month, Emily will go back to Cincinnati to see Dr. Young. I know Emily is looking forward to her Dr. Young (Dr. Lung as Emily calls her)...she wants to show off her medal from State. :-)

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  1. Go Emily! We are learning so much from you! (and your mom)