Monday, March 8, 2010

Emily's Exciting News!

Emily has some big exciting news! She wrestled at the state finals folkstyle tournament in Indianapolis on Saturday, and she placed second in the girls PW50 weight class. Emily actually only weighed into the PW45 weight class, but she didn't have any opposition, and she really had her heart set on wrestling girls (she normally wrestles boys, and this was her first chance to face little girls). So she could have claimed the title of State Champion in the PW45 weight class automatically if she wanted to, but that's not Emmers' style. She wanted to earn it, so we bumped her up to the next biggest weight class. Emily ended up wrestling a six year old girl (Em is only 4) in the championship match who was bigger and stronger than she was, and MUCH more experienced. Our little oxygen princess didn't really stand much of a chance at all against her, but still Emily went out there with a smile on her face, fought bravely, and after losing in a very quick, very ugly match, she still exited the mat very graciously, shaking hands with the other little girl and then her coach, and then smiling for cameras all the while. Silly girl really is such a ham for cameras too! LOL! And she is tickled with her runner-up medal! We are so proud of her!

I will say that Emily has been more breathless than normal the past week or so, and she has used TONS of oxygen this week. We are talking more tanks used in the past week than we have gone through in the past 3 months! No idea why that is, if it is the extra exertion or what. She doesn't appear sick at all, just more short of breath than normal. But she hasn't let it slow her down!!!

Go girl power!!!!!

Emily's brothers also wrestled at State. Ryan had 21 people in his weight class and unfortunately did not place this time (you'll get 'em next time though Rhino), and Ashton placed 5th in the I140 weight class.

And Braylon was a very good boy for his Aunt Bridget.

I am so blessed and just so proud of all my kids!

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