Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thumbs Up!

These are some new pictures of the kids. There is one of Emily on our front steps, and then the rest are of the kids at Ashton's football game this evening. Emily and Braylon wore their costumes. Emily is a witch, and Braylon is a pumpkin. They wanted to stop by my work to show off their attire, but we ran late at the game, so they will just have to wait til trick or treating Saturday. They are so excited! Emily's breathing has been pretty rough the last few days. Not really sick, just breathing really hard and extra fast which is why the oxygen. We are watching her of course, and she says she feels "a little sick but not too sick." She agreed to the O2 in public which must mean she doesn't feel great, but I am just hoping maybe it is just the weather and all the exertion yesterday at her field trip rather than an actual illness. This last thing is a funny little video of Emily tonight at the ball game. She was showing her Grandpa a dance they did at pre-school which she calls the "thumbs up dance." What she is doing is trying to put her thumbs up, elbows back, feet out, knees together, head up, stick out her tongue, close her eyes, and turn in a circle all at the same time. And with oxygen tubing, that just adds to the fun even more. She thinks it is the greatest "dance" ever! Typical Emmers sense of humor though.

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