Thursday, November 5, 2009

Not Quite Right

Something is definitely going on with Emily. I have been watching her very closely for the past week, and I am afraid she has come down with something. She gets a little worse every day which is pretty typical for how she goes into one of her sick spells. She started off breathing faster and harder than normal about a week ago and wanting her oxygen and inhaler more. Then about 4 days ago, she started wheezing on her right side. The next day, she started wheezing on both sides. Albuterol was helping, and the wheezing was coming and going. Now she has really harsh breath sounds throughout, and the Albuterol isn't really helping a whole lot anymore. Pretty typical for Emily. Ideally, I would like to start steroids at this point as I am fairly confident she will not fight this off without them, but I am waiting on her doctor to call back. I took both her and Ashton to the pediatrician today, and they swabbed Ashton to check for flu, and that was negative, thank goodness (he is coughing like crazy and running a fever). They also did a chest x-ray on Emmers due to the way she sounded, and they were going to call me back with results and instructions in "about an hour." When the pediatrician still had not called at 4:50 PM, I called back to make sure she hadn't forgotten, and I was told that she had not had a chance to look at the x-ray yet, but that the nurse had it pulled up waiting for her, and the doctor would be returning my call shortly. That was 2 hours ago, and still no call. Actually, I am fairly sure at this point that she will not be calling, but this is beyond frustrating. Why did I even bother to take her to the pediatrician?? Of course I know the answer is because that is what the pulmonologist would have wanted me to do, and I know it is frustrating for the pulm to have to be bothered by little problems like this. But knowing Emily as I do, I know good and well that if we don't do something pretty quickly, it will inevitably turn into a very big problem. If I haven't heard back from them by morning, I will call them back, and if I don't get anywhere, I guess I will skip straight to the pulm. I know they hate that, but gotta do something. Way beyond frustrated here!

Moving onto happier thoughts, I am going to share a couple of photos.
Below is a pic from Halloween Trick or Treating! My gorgeous bunch of kiddos, Ashton (the alien head thing), Ryan (death), Emily (a witch), and Braylon (my pumpkin).

And this is a picture of my favorite flag football player "Rhino" with his football trophy. Ryan's team got second in the tournament this year. Ryan, you are awesome!

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