Thursday, October 15, 2009

Emily's Accident

Emily was involved in an accident last night at the grocery store. I had tried to wait it out until Denny got home from school last night before going after milk, but at 8:30 I gave up, and I loaded all 4 kids up and went to the local store before they closed at 9. So we went in and bought a few things and were on our way back out right at closing time. This young guy (around 18-20 years old) was behind us in line, and apparently he was in a hurry. Both of my older boys were walking on my right, the baby was in the cart, and Emmers was on my left. The young guy came running full force out the front of the store and zipped right by us on my left side to jump into his truck. He nearly stepped on Emily, and it scared her, and when she jumped, she got her feet tangled up and landed hard right on her face on the pavement. Poor little thing bloodied her nose, bloodied both top and bottom lips, bruised her gums, knocked her upper teeth loose, and her nose and mouth swelled up something fierce! We took her to the ER to make sure she was ok, then today had to take her to the dentist. Apparently she checked out ok, and the dentist thinks her teeth will tighten up on their own. But she can't eat anything harder than jello. She is just pitiful to look at! And her speech is certainly different, but she is still happy enough.

Through it all, her biggest concern was that she would have to miss pre-school today (which she did due to being at the ER half the night). She didn't want to miss because her normal teacher Ms. Krissy wasn't going to be there, and there was going to be a "very special smart teacher" (a sub) there who was going to teach her lots of new things. She said none of her regular teachers would be there today, and she didn't know why, but she thinks maybe they are all going on a bear hunt. She went on to say that she hopes they don't cook bear for lunch on Friday because she doesn't think that sounds very good, so she will give hers to her friend Hannah because Hannah will eat anything. That's Emmers for you. Always thinking! LOL!

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