Friday, October 23, 2009

Looking Better

Emily's face is getting back to normal after her little accident, but her speech isn't quite there yet. She is so funny talking with lots of "sh" sounds. When she grows up, she wants to be a "t-shirt" (teacher). For Halloween, she wants to be a "wish" (witch). But she is looking a lot better, and her teeth are getting tighter in her mouth on their own. We took her shopping last night, and she got a "pretty wish dress." Now we can't seem to keep her out of her costume! She is so excited and just can't wait to go "Shrick or Shreeting!" LOL!

Otherwise, we are becoming even more concerned about the flu as our neice has H1N1, and our kids still haven't been vaccinated. I called the health department today, and they said it would be mid to late November before they could vaccinate Emily and Braylon but they would do Ashton and Ryan sooner than that at school. I know the flu to any kid can be devastating, but I am so worried about what would happen if Braylon (chronic lung disease and asthma, former 30 weeker preemie) or Emily caught it. And even the older boys don't handle respiratory infections very well, Ashton with asthma, and Ryan who has had bronchiolitis more times than I care to remember. And they are my healthy kids! It is a scary time, but we continue to pray our kids will remain healthy.

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