Saturday, August 14, 2010

Got Milk????

Above are pictures from the fishing tournament last week. Ryan got the biggest fish of his age division at 9 pounds 6 ounces, and Ashton won his age division. They both had a fabulous time, and Emily and Braylon had a great time watching the boats from the river bank! Huge thanks to the Chelsea Bassmasters for all they did so that area kids could have such a fabulous experience!

I took my older boys to the doctor yesterday for physicals, and it was a total nightmare! I won't get into it (and the boys are fine, just bad behavior), but I'd have rather taken kicking screaming crying Braylon to the doctor. At least I am still physically stronger than he is. I am so embarrassed!!!

As for Emily, I am again convinced that milk is the source of her GI issues. We've tried her off milk before without much results, but maybe we were missing hidden sources of milk, I don't know. But anyway, what I do know is that yesterday when I got home from work, her belly looked great. It was so soft and normal looking, I couldn't believe it! We were out of milk and had been for two days. I went to the store last night, and by bedtime, her belly was round and hard.

Then this morning, she came to see me in my room bright and early to say that she wanted yogurt for breakfast. I looked at her tummy, and it did not look too bad (bigger than yesterday afternoon, but fairly soft). I gave her one of the little Scooby Doo yogurt squeeze things, and nothing else. Within a half hour, her belly was hard as a rock. Going to try her off milk again, and see how it goes.

She is still having nosebleed issues, but we are trying a new product (thanks Stefanie), and hopefully it is starting to help. About an hour ago, she told me her nose was hurting and felt like it might bleed. I put some of the gel up in there, and there was definitely blood in her nose, but it did not pour out like a faucet like it normally does. I am hoping that might be a little sign of improvement!

Today, we are taking the kids for a picnic (and probably a swim) at Hardy Lake. Emily is already breathing hard, so we will definitely be taking oxygen.

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  1. Goodness I hope that nose gel helps. That Emily is such a trouper. Love the new look of the blog!