Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August, 2010

Not too much to update....just more of the same. Summer is here, and with it has come the heat and humidity. Heat index of 115+ degrees. Way too hot for normal healthy people, but Emily in particular does not seem to be handling the hot weather very well at all! A few minutes outside, and she is just so breathless. It is sad to see her struggle with this, especially as she wants so badly to just go outside to play.

We have had a few decent days, and we were even able to take her hiking a few weeks back (picture above). But with the super high temps the past few weeks, even short walks down the street are out of the question. I did give in and took her for a little walk on Monday morning, and we weren't a block away when she said her oxygen wasn't blowing hard enough. I turned her up, and she only made it almost another block when we had to put her in the stroller and wheel her back home. Her legs were shaking, and she literally looked like she was ready to collapse. It is just too much for her.

In other news, we did find out a few weeks back that our Emmers is anemic. She is now on vitamins for that. As for a cause, we will assume dietary (although Emily eats everything), but as she is having so many nosebleeds lately (several the past few weeks, another 2 today), I have to wonder if the nosebleeds could be contributing to her anemia. Makes sense that it could be anyway. These aren't exactly little nosebleeds.

GI stuff is still messed up more puking but big belly (VERY big belly after meals), frequent undigested poops, abdominal pain that often leaves her screaming and shaking after she eats, and something yesterday that looked suspiciously like blood in her poo (hoping she just ate something red). The boys have their yearly check-ups at the doctor this Friday, so I am going to bring it up to the pediatrician again then.

Hopefully we can get her all straightened out soon because it is back to school in a couple weeks!

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