Sunday, December 5, 2010

When You're a Celebrity

Emily had her school Christmas party last week. All the Head Starts in the area met at the Moose for a lunch with Santa, and they performed their Christmas songs all together there. It was a really good turnout, and the place was packed! Thankfully, as I was coming from work so showed up very last minute, my mom showed up early to help set things up, and in the process, she landed us a table right in the front row. Couldn't have worked out any better for us!

Emily was soooo excited about the whole thing! Every little bit, she'd think it was time to go sing, and she'd make a run for the stage (and I do mean RUN)! No stage fright there! LOL! The singing itself was very short and sweet, and then it was time for lunch and then the long awaited meeting with Santa.

Does Emily believe in Santa Claus? Oh yeah! She could hardly contain her excitement in line and could not wait to get on his lap for her picture. Of course, it was supposed to be a quick picture for the school, but Emily was sure to place her "order" as well. :-) She quickly smiled one goofy grin for the camera, then turned around and started in on him. It was all just too cute, and the newspaper was there and started taking pics.

After they managed to get Emily off Santa's lap, the newspaper man chased her down and asked her what she had been discussing with Santa, her name, and her age. I kind of wondered if she'd make the paper, but of course out of the hundreds of kids there, what were the odds they'd go with that picture? Well, of course, this is Emily we are talking about, so I should have known! Emily made the big picture right on the front page! She was soooo excited, and everyone has been teasing her about being a "celebrity." I hope this link works.

In other news, we seem to have a tummy bug floating around the house and a nasty cold as well. I've been sick for over 3 weeks now with sore throat and sinus stuff and am hoping I'll get over this soon. Ashton had a really bad asthma attack last week, and I almost had to call 911 for him at 4:30 AM the other day. His airways got so tight, he couldn't even get out the word "help," but he came out of it with 6 puffs of his albuterol inhaler, a neb, and a dose of steroids. That's the good thing about Ashton, he comes out of it quickly. Emily and Braylon have the cold as well, and we've been doing Albuterol nebs on them all week, and Emily has needed extra oxygen. They are still wheezing, but they are holding their own. Nothing a doctor would do any different right now anyway unless we wanted to do steroids, and I don't think we are to that point yet.

Christmas is approaching quickly, and I think we are getting a tree today. We've never been able to do a real tree since the kids have been born, but we are feeling brave this year. Denny was up all night doing homework and is sleeping now, but when he wakes up, he promised to take the boys to cut down a tree. This should be interesting. :-)

Kids are getting ready now, even vaccuuming for me in anticipation of making everything Christmas perfect! They are too sweet!

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