Friday, July 23, 2010

Fabulous Trip

These are pics from our trip to Florida for my sister Miranda's wedding. We had a beautiful trip, and Emily actually went 2 whole days in Florida without her normal breathing difficulties which was amazing to see. Of course she did return to normal after a few days, but it was still nice to see Emily get a vacation of sorts from her lung disease. All in all, a fabulous trip! Congratulations Miranda and Jason!

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  1. This blog site always puts the pics on in a weird order, so it is hard to label them until after the fact. So anyway, pictures above:
    1. Ashton
    2. Looks like trouble! Jason's nephew Jackson, Miranda's son Owen, and Braylon
    3. Emily at Miranda's wedding
    4. My brother's wife Megan, My sister Michelle, Miranda, me, and then in the front are my nieces Emalin and Aleah
    5. Miranda, Emalin, and Aleah
    6. Princess Aleah and Princess Emalin. This picture is actually of the girls announcing themselves as princesses while standing on the coffee table in the hotel before the wedding.
    7. Aleah and Emily at the beauty shop
    8. Emily, Aleah, and Emalin outside the beauty shop
    9. Braylon with a cupcake at rehearsal dinner. It seemed like Braylon got a cupcake everywhere we went in Florida. He loved that!
    10. Ryan at rehearsal dinner
    11. Emily sleeping with the little mask the hotel left on her bed...and without her oxygen for once! Wish that could have lasted!
    12. Cousins Owen and Braylon...Best buds. :-)
    13. Why is it my kids can't take a normal looking group picture ever??? LOL. Emily, Ashton, Ryan, and Braylon. Braylon doesn't look too happy here.
    14. Emily in the car. Kids were very good car riders!
    15. Braylon in the car on the trip there.