Sunday, January 10, 2010

We already knew she was a fighter, now Emily is a wrestler!

Emily participated in her first ever ISWA "boys" (they didn't have a girls division) folkstyle wrestling tournament today. She weighs 42 pounds, so at 4 years old, she wrestled in the Peewee 45 weight class. She got 4th place and a yellow ribbon for her efforts! She is so excited, and she didn't cry at all! Such a brave girl!

Her wrestling itself, not so pretty. She'll get it though, and even if she doesn't, the fact that she is out there at all is such a victory! My girl never ceases to amaze me! I am posting a video of her first ever wrestling match. Might just be the shortest match of all time! Still....She has come so far, I can't help but beam with pride!

The boys were great as always. Ryan got 4th, and Ashton brought home the silver medal. So proud of all my little wrestlers!

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